In today’s atmosphere of heightened awareness of safety issues, we here at Newberry Contracting, Inc. are committed to continued education / training of safety awareness for all our associates.

It is with confidence that we can declare that all of our field associates are current on the following:

– Plant Safety Classes
– Substation Safety Training
– Equipment Grounding Certification
– Equipment Safety Training – Certified
– Red Cross Adult CPR – Certified
– Red Cross First Aid – Certified
– Incident Reporting Technique
– Tailboard procedures prior to entering any work area

Drug Free Workplace

In addition to ensuring current safety awareness status for all of our field associates, Newberry Contracting, Inc. also maintains a drug free workplace. Employee drug testing is performed by a Certified Health and Services Laboratory approved by our Workman’s Compensation Insurance Carrier. A drug test is performed as a pre-employment requirement as well as mandatory upon report of an incident involving injury. We also drug test at any report of suspicious behavior or concerns of being under the influence.

Background Checks

Newberry Contracting, Inc. has taken accountability by implementing pre-employment criminal background checks. To date all field associates have consented to a background investigation and all comply with criteria put in place.

Tools and Attire

Pursuing this further, to ensure a safer environment, Newberry Contracting, Inc. has taken the initiative to convert to safer tools, equipment and materials. This includes, but is not limited to the use of florescent orange string line, fiberglass story poles, shovels with fiberglass handles and fiberglass legs for builder’s levels.

At all times our associates utilize OSHA appropriate PPE. Additionally, we have issued all of our associates class 3 safety vests required by DOT and flame retardant clothing.


Newberry Contracting, Inc. is committed to a safe work environment for the benefit of both our customers and associates. We never will imply that schedules, deadlines or pressures of performance take precedence over a safe environment.