About Us

Newberry Construction of Tampa was founded over 40 years ago by Robert Newberry.  Robert learned many facets of the trade in his years of service in the Navy Seabees during the Vietnam Conflict.  He has incorporated many of the values learned in his military career into the structure of the company and its’ workmanship.

In 2002 Robert Newberry and his daughter April Newberry formed Newberry Contracting, Inc. as the demand in the construction industry for full-service minority status increased. For a duration of 3 1/2 years the two companies operated independently of each other.  However, it became apparent that a merger of the two entities would improve efficiency of the company operations.  As a result the two merged to be one corporation in 2005.

The surviving company, Newberry Contracting, Inc. has continued with the same convictions of its founder to propel its growth and success; and has remained as a leader in the contracting industry.